Light or heavy industrial products for car, motorcycle, machine, watch angricultural machine, precise electrical instrument, air hydraulics and homely electrical instruments are all provided with high quality and considerate service and maintenance.


  • Rotary shaft seals
  • Floating seals
  • External seals
  • Screw-cap (RA)
  • Teflon seals
  • Wiper seals(GAG4, BE470, DKBG4)
  • Bonded seals (seal washers)
  • Outboard Motor seals (SCB)
  • Hydraulic seals (SCB)
  • Gamma seals(9RB)
  • Bearing cap

Standard size end caps and bearing caps seals

Valve-steam seal be suitable for using in
the engine when the piston operation

Rotary shaft seal be suitable for any kind industrial use

External Lip Seal ( OC, OVC, OKC.... )
Triple Lip Seal ( EA3, EA10C... )

Wiper Seal ( GAG4, DKBG4... )
Hydraulic Seal ( WPBG4... )
Flange Seal ( TCFB, TBF... )

PTFE (TEFLON) seal be suitable for
customer special needs

Oil seals be suitable for auto-transmission repair kits

Piston seals be suitable for using in

External lip seal be suitable for the shaft is fixed

Oil seal be suitable for agricultural machinery

Piston seal be suitable for VW series

Hub seal be suitable for truck wheel


  • D-rings
  • Square rings
  • X-rings(Quad shaped ring)
  • U-cups
  • Piston Cups
  • Lip seals
  • V-packing seal assemblies
  • Bushings
  • Boots

Different type rubber rings (O type, D type or X type)
be suitable for any kind industrial use

Rubber Packings with metal case

Repair kits be suitable for engine, power
steering and auto-transmission

Different type rubber packings be suitable
for any kind industrial use

Rubber packings(no metal case)


Different type boots